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I'm an adult with TS. Tourette's has never been a negative impact on my life. What was negative was my and my parents reaction to it as I was growing up. We didn't know I had TS and both my parents and I believed that I had control over the ticcing and none of us could figure out why I kept choosing to 'twitch'. I am not anti-med and hope I don't come across as such. However, I do tend to encourage parents to do some deep soul-searching before jumping on what can potentially be a roller-coaster. There can also be nasty side-effects. I believe that for the majority of children with TS, what is needed is a feeling of acceptence and unconditional love from the family. I like to point out that we don't change our children's religion, their names, or get them plastic surgery if these become the target of teasing, yet many doctors and well-meaning family members and friends will encourage us to medicate our kids the moment the words 'Tourette Syndrome' come up. :)

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